I have struggled throughout my entire 20s with IBS issues. Caroline helped to identify the root causes, she is worked so hard to map out a process that works for me and has encouraged me so much along the way. At this point I can say that ALL of my issues I initially came with have completely gone and I am at a point where my digestion feels like it’s working better than I’ve ever remembered it being. I cannot recommend Caroline enough. She is so attentive, kind and understanding. She breaks everything down to make it easy to understand and she never makes you feel silly asking questions - she is always on hand to support you throughout the healing journey. You need to meet Caroline half way and put the effort in, and it is so worth it to go in this journey with her. Forever grateful I found her.

- amy

I am so pleased I found Caroline. I had suffered from bloating and other gut issues for a really long time and nothing I tried seemed to help. Caroline dealt with my problems in a way that made me feel safe and heard; she gave me dietary changes, high-quality supplements and breathing exercises, as well as guiding me with new ways to self-care. I followed Caroline's recommendations and my problems have completely gone. It is wonderful to feel normal again.


Caroline has been such a joy to work with and I have loved learning about all the lifestyle changes I need to make in order to ease my digestive and skin problems. I’ve never felt more in control and informed with the decisions I’m making regarding diet and lifestyle, with her easy to follow yet detailed plans. My gut and skin have transformed drastically since working with her and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is struggling with gut health related issues. Thank you so much Caroline! 

- izzy

I can’t recommend Caroline enough. There’s so much advice nowadays you don’t know what to listen to and having a power hour helped me get advice and actionable steps specific to me and my goals - improving my relationship with food and balancing my blood sugar levels. As well as the recipe plans and supplement guidance, I came away from the session with so much information and support that is specific to me and my body which has helped enormously. Thank you Caroline!

- ROsie

I worked with Caroline for 3 months. I was struggling with extended periods of exhaustion where I felt flu-like and couldn’t function as usual but my blood tests came back with nothing to explain it. I was also training for a half marathon as well as getting ready to go into surgery for endometriosis a few months later. I had previously worked with coaches to help with fitness and 'nutrition’ but I knew it was not a sustainable practice and full of processed food recommendations just for external results. I decided to sign up with Caroline so that I could really learn about nutrition as medicine and increase my energy levels as fuel for my body to lose a few lbs that I had been struggling to shift because of the lower quality food I had been consuming. She also really helped me understand the important of managing stress levels and being in tune with my menstrual cycle so that I could work with my body instead of against it.

Within 3 weeks of working with Caroline I felt miles better. Caroline firstly thoroughly questioned me to understand which systems of my body might need her support. She then educated me on how food choices can impact each different system in my body. Caroline also recommended lots of tests that could give a more specific analysis of what might be going on with my body and then after receiving results she suggested foods to help.

I now know what choices I should be making and whenever I feel myself slipping back into bad habits I go back to what Caroline taught me and always feel a lot better for it. If you put in the effort from your side to plan and prepare, the results can be really impactful. My friends kept telling me I was glowing and how healthy I looked! The best part is I never felt restricted.

- monica

I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline for a few months with a focus on improving my overall health and wellbeing. She has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge surrounding nutrition, fitness, wellness and lifestyle with a holistic approach, which is nothing short of accommodating to suit your unique circumstance. Making an investment in my health was a big step for me, yet Caroline made the experience so welcoming and enjoyable from start to finish. The guidance I've received is something that I can take with me to continue to navigate my health and wellness journey and feel confident in doing so. Caroline is not just a nutritionist, she is your number one supporter and I’ll forever be singing her praises for my health.


The Best Investment You Can Make

Is In Yourself